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Welcome to AVAZO, your source of the Healthcare Products: Drug Testing Kits, Fertility Tests and Vitamins/Supplements.

Avazo Co. is an industry leader in the provision of healthcare products: on-site fertility testing kits for male and female , drugs of abuse tests based on the different specimen, vitamins, supplements, nutrition with different delivery methods. Having started from the well-known drug test kits, our diagnostic products have since evolved to variety of sets that help detect substance abuse thereby enhancing the prevention of abuse of controlled substances at schools, homes and places of work.

Over the past 9 years, our teams have continued to make concerted efforts in supplying cutting edge diagnostic tools used in detection of abuse of controlled substances to satisfy the need of our growing customers.  Our innovation and quest for new product is steadily in progress to meet the challenges of the industry.

Because our service is customer driven, our customer service is second to none; we handle all support requests personally to suit each customer’s need, knowledge level, expectations and unique requirements for on-site testing kits. 

At Avazo Co, we are continually innovating with varieties of technology to meet the security challenges posed by abuse of controlled substances and in meeting the safety requirements of the 21st century. The synergies of diversified technology have paid off by the development of cutting-edge products in the detection of drug abuse thereby averting the implied danger on our society.

Our products at Avazo co. are laboratory tested and in use in different homes, schools and corporate organizations to meet their unique requirements for drug testing. These innovative products of ours have been deployed and found to be effectively but organizations such as police, military and security agencies that apparently require a high standard in deployment of on-site testing kits.

In the production of our testing equipment, we bear in mind that the end users are not trained laboratory professionals; therefore the products are made such that it is easy to handle; the process of testing itself is uncomplicated so that it can be handled by any layman. Also one does not have to be a genius to read or interpret the results of the testing procedure.  Summarily; any layman can handle out testing products and accurately interpret the ensuing testing results.

Over the past twenty years, the uses of on-site drug testing kits have become a commonplace. It is estimated that about 35 million are deployed every single year with a resultant ensuing cost in excess of a billion dollars. We are set to consult with you in deploying on-site drug testing kits to your organization. We will assist you in analyzing your needs and subsequently choosing the best kits that is perfectly suited for your needs.


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