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Adsense – How to Make Money There?Would-be website owners can start off with ease through the use of a good HTML editor. This is quite a simple thing to do since there are so many to choose from. Recommended choices can vary depending on whether it is to be used for Windows, Macintosh, Linux or UNIX, mobile devices, and others. The good news here is that there are HTML editors offered for free as there are editors that can be purchased for several hundred dollars. Computer users have two basic choices between text editors and WYSIWYG editors. The latter stands for “What You See Is What You Get”. There is a tendency for novice site owners to favor WYSIWYG editors since they allow putting up a webpage without having to know HTML.

Text and WYSIWYG Editors

Having knowledge of HTML is a preferred advantage desired by employers in their prospective employees. Text HTML editors provide web developers more than sufficient control and speed that will allow them to edit web pages faster than developers using WYSIWYG. There are advantages and disadvantages for both options. Making the right choice can be done by looking into other considerations as to the capability of supporting other languages other than XHTML which is the most commonly used, the capability of being extended for extra functionality, as well as the existence of a large user-base and support pages where desired help can be obtained.

Some of the more reliable WYSIWYG editors in the market include Adobe Dreamweaver, which can be used for XHTML, XML, JSP and PHP development; the Adobe Creative Suite which is highly recommended for web designers who are graphic artists; the Microsoft Expression Studio Web Professional which is a full video, graphic and web design suite that offers the exact needs in creating commendable sites; the Microsoft Expression Studio Ultimate which is most appropriate for web developers for and Silverlight Projects; and the NetObjects Fusion which is a very powerful combination of tasks needed to put up a website while having the flexibility to accept special features plus a built-in SEO support. Macintosh users can also try SeaMonkey, which has a built-in browser and it’s free; the Amaya which ensures users that their produced pages are at par with W3C standards; and the Rapidweaver which offers a lot of surprises in functionality. Many of the popular professional web development software packages likewise offer their capability in web editing.

The Adobe Dreamweaver which rates fairly well and consistently include features such as text editor, WYSIWYG editor, XML validator, CSS validator, alternate browser, page review, wireless device preview, wireless scripts/functions/links, save pages, tag completion, color coding, FTP, search and replace, edit images, edit multiple files, multimedia function, and connects to graphics software, among others. It likewise offers version control, support for editing beyond version control, no limitation and no subscription requirements, and is highly customizable or extendable. These features, more or less reflect what most users are looking for although then again, no editor is deemed perfect for everybody.

Before Putting Up a Website

Choosing an HTML editor would always form part of the initial stages of putting up a website. There will be hardware and software needs to attend to. Before starting, a web designer or web developer must also look into computers, peripherals, and reference materials that could possibly help in making the start-up less complicated as possible.

For those eyeing blogs as their main target, Windows users can try the Windows Live Writer which is easy to use and no code expertise is required for users. Macintosh users on the other hand, may find the Infinite Sushi, Ecto2.3.4 appropriate for their needs. Prospective bloggers should also consider checking out the sites offering product reviews specific to software tools so they can make their choices while being aware of all possible options. Product reviewers often rate based on features, graphic, imaging tools, ease of use, and availability of help/support.

What to Look For

Preferred features include page transition effects, drag-and-drop functionality, automatic file back-up, search and replace function, rollover creation, meta tag features, add keywords, FTP, sitemap assistant, scripting language, spell checker, automatic page naming, multimedia support, and e-commerce capabilities. Desired graphic imaging tools should be able to provide image cropping, adjustable compressions, animated GIFs, resizing without distortion, online images, thumbnail creator, and automatic resampling. Help and support should exist through upgrade, phone contacts, manuals, tutorials, knowledge base, FAQs, email support, as well as the supported configurations. Ease of use is a highly sought feature of any software tool since most beginners will have plenty of other concerns at their hands and a perplexing tool is the last thing they would want to content with. Website templates also serve as a critical starting point for most web developers and templates that are professional, customizable, and provide polished looks are advantageous. Web design software pertaining to advanced applications is better-off in the hands of more experienced web developers.

Most reliable web design programs offer demos which should help in making the right choices. In choosing among the available options, web developers or designers must have a clear view of their goals. Tools are only there to assist in reaching these goals and cannot make them happen on their own. The most expensive software cannot do magic for an uninspired developer in the same manner that a free software cannot prevent success for a determined designer.

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