Spinal Traction Therapy Mat Detensor


Detensor spinal traction mat

Worldwide, there are thousands of supporters for this traction treatment. The traction treatment which comprises of stretching is considered as an important method of therapy. However, all cases use this ancient technology combined with the psychological stress and inherent discomfort to a patient. They show prompt anxiety when they get hanged by the feet or neck.

The system includes a traction bed and the therapy mat for a thorough traction treatment. The main advantage of this treatment is its application on a patient without weights, straps, etc. in a horizontal placement. This application in a horizontal position of the body made it easier to support the patient continuously during a weeklong traction. The Torsional movements such as turning must not be protected but they are desired.

So the frequency of rotating is minimized by 20% with natural torsions, whereas it should be believed that the turning occur very differently for acute pain. The observations of the patients were done by a video recording. A therapy mat gives about 18% of the stretch force coming out from a body weight of an individual. The measurement of a stretch force was done by the specially designed instrumentation.

And based upon a difference to extension’s classical methods, as Glisson-sling, suspension of sling frames, spinal extension of apparatus, trapeze, inclined boards, etc, the system which is presented cannot be exceeding a normal tissue loading amount as well as the psychological stress situations throughout the traction treatment.

In the beginning, the system was developed to stretch a spinal column. However, the passing years, revealed the other positive effects. For instance, the continuously engaged ribs does not only produce a traction force but also lead to a good massage of connective tissue, to support and the maintenance of the inherent body rhythms, to improve the bio-mechanics, to increase in the lung volumes, as well as controlled inter- organic information just to mention a few.

The measurements are taken with the specially orchestrated instruments specifically for this purpose. An uncommon high point elasticity from the material protects the vascular insufficiency in derma.

A micro circulation in derma is greatly enhanced by application of a Detensor.

These following essential points summarize some several possible applications:

  • The widening of the intervertebral spaces.
  • The loosening of the muscle tension by the lasting distension from ligaments and musculature.
  • A volumetric increase of the disks, thereby decreasing pressure on the nerve roots in some deformities or prolapse cases.
  • The repositioning of the mal-aligned prolapse or spinal segments.
  • Realignment of the vertebral foramen which leads to the alleviation and elimination of the nerve root compression and result in the improved vascular clearance of an affected epidural and the paravertebral venous reticula.
  • The possibilities of application for traction bed system can be unlimited since the over distending of the spine is impossible.
  • The timely and unlimited application and a resulting permanent relief to the disks can lead to an increased uptake or improved fluid exchange.
  • A long term therapy of the traction may facilitate in reaching the point on time, with which an intradiscal pressure starts to drop. A patient does not need to rise on this time like before, and for that reason the next 20 minutes of the application will be starting to produce some kind of real relief.
  • An application of mat for the intensive traction treatment for the complete spine is basically administered in a phase of the acute pain and for over the duration of about 40 to 50 minutes, which is generally 4 times daily on the equal time intervals.
  • So the success to different traction forces as well as different durations of the application is clearly observed.
  • The application of a traction bed system, especially for the thrombosis patients and post-infarction, has shown some very good effects on those who are suffering from the back pain for over a big number of years, by eliminating the need for the medication. The contraindication does not exist.
  • The hospitals, respectively the physicians, suggest a very cost-effective method of the Detensor treatment.
  • Consultancy from a doctor is advised before starting the Detensor treatment.




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Ways to Live a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life